Anders Christiansen as one of 4 choreographers in a performance about migration

Straight Right ou l'art d'être Nulle part Ailleurs

Premiere, 16th February 2012, Montreal, Canada.

An evening of dance featuring Victoria May and Eve Garnier dancing commissioned works by Louise Bédard, Dominque Porte, Anders Christiansen and Martin Bélanger. Four stories told by four distinct and unique choreographers offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of two female artists examining their migrant/immigrant identities and reflections: Where are they? How did they get here? Who have they become? By what set of choices did they arrive at this particular moment?

Espace Go, Montreal, 16 - 25 February 2012 (7 shows)

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Anders Christiansen as a dancer in


In end of January and start of February 2012, Anders Christiansen is performing as one of a group of 15 dancers on stage in People. The performance is created by the choreography collective E.K.K.O, which consists of Emma Nordanfors, Klara Elenius og Karina Dichov Lund.

Dansehallerne, Store Carl, Copenhagen, 28 January - 5 February 2012 (9 shows)

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Anders Christiansen as a performer in

Seek to Seek

In August 2011, Anders Christiansen performed in the restaging on Cantabile 2's piece Seek To Seek. A human-specific performance, where every audience member is personally involved with the performers during the work.

Waves Festival 2011, Vordingborg, 20 - 26 August 2011 (12 shows)

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Premiere 7 February, 2011


In Accordion Anders Christiansen works his way into the heart of the essence of dance. He starts at the beginning: Dance as an expressive art that is intimately linked to music. A performance project created in close partnership with the charismatic Finnish accordionist, Minna Weurlander.

Københavns Musikteater, Copenhagen, 7 - 19 February 2011 (12 shows)
ILT 11 festival, Entré Scenen, Aarhus, 17 - 18 May 2011 (2 shows)

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Bag om Ryggen

A restaging of the poetic and rather frightening solo piece, Bag om Ryggen (Behind the back) from 2009 in Musikhuset Esbjerg.

Musikhuset Esbjerg, Esbjerg, 23 May, 2011 (1 show)

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Photographs: 1 Christoffer Askman 2  Per Morten Abrahamsen
1 Minna Weurlander and Anders Christiansen
2 Anders Christiansen